Welcome to Gadigal Land for Sydney WorldPride!

Let’s unite at the biggest pride celebration Australia has ever seen.


This WorldPride, whatever you do, do it safely and with love.

Image of two men embracing at a nightclub bathroom.


In Australia, we’ve made great strides towards reducing rates of HIV and STIs. Today, HIV prevention is not a one size fits all.

Safe sex means consistent condom use, taking PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), having an undetectable viral load (U=U) or a combination.

Protect yourself and others this WorldPride.

Learn more about HIV and STI pevention.

Visit Endinghiv.org.au
Image of a lesbian and non-binary person at a bar together, with an ACON Rover in the background.


Whether at home or at the club, party safe.

If in distress or need aid at venues or large events, seek out medical staff, security personnel, ACON Rovers and DanceWize NSW. They are there to help.

Partying at home or elsewhere and need some assistance? Call Triple Zero (000) for emergency services such as police and ambulance.

Learn more about how to reduce harm and getting support around alcohol and other drugs.

Visit Pivot Point
Image of two men in bed together.


When it comes to sex, consent is key.

Consent means making sure they are telling you “yes” – be that verbally or with affirmative body language – and that you keep checking-in.

Consent must be given freely, without pressure or threat, and can be withdrawn at any time.

Learn more about consent laws in NSW and Australia.

Visit sayitoutloud.org.au
Image of a man stands in the street contemplating use of PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis).


PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is a 4-week course of medication taken after a potential exposure to HIV to prevent infection.

If you think you have recently been exposed to HIV, you may need PEP. But you need to act fast – within 72 hours after exposure.

Learn more about PEP.

visit endinghiv.org.au
Image of a man stands in the doorway of his home.


We all want to enjoy the party, but when illness strikes us down – such as the flu or COVID-19 – it’s important we take care of ourselves and don’t put others at risk. Sometimes, the best way to show love is by staying home.

Check yourself for symptoms of mpox and if you feel unwell, have a rash or sores, avoid parties and crowds and seek medical advice.

FREE mpox vaccines are available to all eligible interstate and international visitors to Sydney during WorldPride.

Learn more about mpox, eligibility and book a free vaccination.

visit nsw health website
Image of acknowledgment of country. An Aboriginal drag queen stands in front of the Aboriginal flag.

ACON, the developer of this campaign, acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands and waters on which we operate on throughout Australia and remind people that we are on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land. We also acknowledge the Elders and in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples visiting this website.

Health and Safety Guide

Click the link below to view or download ACON’s Health and Safety Guide.

ACON’s health and safety guide